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Cash Flow Forecasting and Budgeting

Budgeting and forecasting are important for every business and are a key element to banking, planning for growth, taxation and getting ahead of the issues. Business is affected by a multitude of challenges, some are within their control and some challenges are externally driven.  Budgeting and cash flow forecasting, when done properly, will force you to face the questions in advance. Where business challenges arise from external sources such as markets, banking or climatic factors, you cannot influence what is happening outside, but you must make plans to react inside.    Anybody can create a budget but the skill lies in testing it, challenging it, discussing it and using it to find the best way forward. At Collins O’Brien, we have the experience to develop the plans that exist in your mind by asking concise and relevant questions that will help you to formulate solutions. Business plans are only useful if they are implemented and there is no point in spending time on them if they are only to find a dusty shelf. We can help you to develop a system where you constantly refer back to your business plan to review, amend and improve your business.

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