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Banking Difficulties

Due to the economic downturn in 2008, many businesses and individuals have faced financial difficulty and even ruin.  There were a number of factors responsible for those unfortunate enough to find themselves facing these financial  difficulties.  Problems were caused by external economic  factors , government policy, over borrowing,  over reliance on property investments, and the credit squeeze just to mention a few.  What is certain, in our view,   is that nobody went out to intentionally become insolvent or to create hardship for themselves or their families.  The banking sector are trying to restructure their balance sheets and this means trouble for the over stretched borrowers.    A generation of businesses and people may not recover for many years from their current bank situation . It is however a fact that they will eventually recover and move on to a positive financial future as there is always a financial solution.  Discussions can be difficult and stressful for the borrowers but intermediaries can help. Sometimes borrowers or their creditors may not agree a compromise and it takes tenacity to see an arrangement through.  There are many National organisations that can help distressed borrowers. We have some experience in the area also. 

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